Cost-saving and sustainable coating-free drives

Cost-saving and sustainable coating-free drives

Cost-saving and sustainable coating-free drives

Feb 16, 2024 | SEW-EURODRIVE

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With our innovative product portfolio and the new drives in the ECO2 design, SEW-EURODRIVE is once again setting standards in the industry and underlining its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. 

The goal of developing sustainable coating-free drives is a direct response to the increasing demand for environmentally friendly products. Consideration of the overall environmental balance and the responsible use of raw materials is of crucial importance here.


For many years now, SEW-EURODRIVE has been offering a design without surface coating for very small drives. These drives are largely made of aluminum and have proven themselves in simple ambient conditions. With the introduction of new motor models and the expansion to a large gear unit portfolio, the range can now be significantly increased.

The new coating-free drives in the ECO2 version set new standards in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. The name of the ECO2 version describes the two main advantages: ECOLogical and ECONomical - because the drives are both ecologically and economically beneficial. On the one hand, they protect the environment, but they can also be offered at a lower price.

By dispensing with the energy-intensive painting process and saving raw materials such as paints and solvents, these drives make a significant contribution to improving the environmental balance. In addition, uncoated components enable easier reuse and efficient recycling at the end of the life cycle.

By expanding its portfolio of coating-free drives in the ECO2 design, SEW-EURODRIVE is underlining its leading position in the industry and its contribution to a sustainable future. As a customer, you can look forward to groundbreaking solutions that offer both ecological and economic advantages.

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