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Dec 13, 2023 | SEW-EURODRIVE

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As a world leader in drive technology and a pioneer in drive-based automation, SEW-EURODRIVE has established a reputation for quickly solving the most difficult power transmission and motion control challenges. Since introducing the combined gearmotor in 1931, we have been bringing the best in drive technology to our customers worldwide.

More than just gearmotors

SEW-EURODRIVE offers much more than just components. We offer the expertise and expanded line of control components and software to drive them. Our team of automation experts understand the latest technology and can solve even the most complex motion control challenges.

Being a single-source automation partner radically sets us apart from others. Our team of motion control and automation engineers provides the expertise, project planning, software, commissioning, and worldwide support for your most challenging motion control projects. They can serve as a valuable extension of your engineering team, reducing the stress and demanding workload. Our experts provide a solution of perfectly matched SEW components that have been designed to work together seamlessly.

Product Innovation

MOVI-C Modular Automation Platform

The MOVI-C platform utilizes the latest automation technologies – from AC motors and gear units to ultra-efficient permanent-magnet servomotors, control electronics, and software. Machine builders will appreciate the seamless integration and prebuilt software modules tailored to the customer’s application.

In Summary

This comprehensive approach allows SEW-EURODRIVE to not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of industries worldwide. By continuously investing in research and development, we ensure our products and solutions remain at the forefront of technology, providing our customers with a competitive edge in their respective markets. From initial concept to after-sales support, our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction is unwavering. As we move forward, SEW-EURODRIVE remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of drive technology and automation, empowering businesses to achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity, and performance.

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