What is MOVI-C and why you need it.

What is MOVI-C and why you need it.

What is MOVI-C and why you need it.

Dec 22, 2023 | SEW-EURODRIVE

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SEW-EURODRIVE’s MOVI-C® modular automation system is a flexible one-software, one-hardware automation platform that combines fully integrated drive components, control electronics, and automation software – all from one source. The key to the MOVI-C platform is that each of those components is designed to work together perfectly.

The MOVI-C platform utilizes our newest technologies – from high-efficiency asynchronous gearmotors to ultra-efficient permanent magnet servomotors. Machine builders will appreciate the seamless integration and the availability of proven and value-adding software kits tailored to the customer’s application.

Today’s engineers can quickly get overwhelmed with automation complexity. The MOVI-C platform has been designed to simplify motion control and automation challenges from basic to advanced needs and requirements– using controls and components designed to work perfectly together.

The MOVI-C product family is designed to solve a wide range of motion control challenges ranging from standard shaft spinning applications like simple conveyors to complex multi-axis kinematics and robotics - for beginner or advanced-level engineers. Our approach: more parametrization, less programming. With this modular automation platform, we cover decentralized control architectures as well as centralized approaches, all the way to highly complex multi-axis systems. From the controller and inverter to the gearbox: automation is made simple.

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